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Avatar provides a wide range of professional ecological and biological consulting services, including:

  • Ecological monitoring programs
  • Threatened & Endangered species surveys
  • In-situ toxicity assessments
  • Rapid Bioassessment Protocols
  • Stream Reclamation and Restoration Evaluations

Ecological monitoring programs have included a breadth of effort that spans the performance of marine, estuarine, freshwater, and terrestrial surveys and investigations throughout the principal ecoregions of the United States. Avatar ecologists have designed and executed numerous field investigations that range from the simple species inventories, including Threatened & Endangered species surveys to the more comprehensive in-situ toxicity assessments, e.g., amphibian reproduction and development studies. More recently, Avatar has increased its reputation in providing innovative approaches for aquatic, wetland, and terrestrial habitat restoration and revitalization.

In designing and implementing ecological monitoring programs, Avatar employs state-of-the-art techniques, including the use of remote sensing to define large-scale habitat structure, real-time geographic information systems for spatial analyses of ecological resources, and innovative geostatistical approaches.


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